The Rag Collection inspires youth to discover their voice and express it in the community by offering free art workshops, safe space, and trained art mentors to connect art to the heart through the power of story.

Core Values

*Empowerment – We hand off tools that can be used for an ongoing journey of expression.

*Safe Space – Our creative space should always invite everyone to the table. Safe Space breeds creativity.

*Story- Each story is equally important. Inspiration flows both ways!




What is the meaning behind your name?

Our name has a two-fold meaning: 

1.We believe that the messy parts of our stories, the tattered rags, reveal valuable elements of our voice that becomes beautiful and powerful to ourselves and to our community when we find a way to express them.

2. We love to reuse, re-purpose, and re-vision wasted materials in our community to create beauty and hope.