Street-Voice-27th-ave-muralWhat is StreetVoice?

StreetVoice is a youth mural internship where youth are mentored by mural artists to create community art with their community. Youth must apply and be accepted to this program because it is a more specific and intentional process, including regular community meetings and events.

What is the purpose of StreetVoice?

The goals of StreetVoice are:
1. Teach youth how to use their art skills and voice in the mural process in a community-minded way.
2. Connect youth with their community through intentional conversations.
3. Encourage the community to see the value of their perspective and express it in their neighborhood.
4. Offer creative resources for a community to have a new conversation and celebrate their unique story.

Why Canyon Corridor Neighborhood?

Through the process of working with Alhambra High School for the past few years with the Raise Your Voice program, we have had the privilege of getting to know the Canyon Corridor Neighborhood Alliance (CCNA). The CCNA is made up of many residents, business leaders, educators, advocates, families, social workers, and change-agents who care about their neighborhood. The CCNA has been looking at many ways they want to engage the community in beautification, vision planning, and ownership.

We heard the CCNA ask how they could invite youth into these conversations, and we saw that one natural bridge that would invite the unique talents and voice of youth from Alhambra could be the arts! StreetVoice is our way of helping connect youth and other resources into these collaborative ideas and dreams! This partnership is super important to the community for a variety of reasons and we are doing this new project because the CCNA is so passionate about the revitalization of their community.