What is Raise Your Voice?

RYV is an after-school, weekly series of art workshops that is free to the students of Alhambra High School.  We currently offer Mural Crew (mural making and graffiti art), Photo Voice (photography and mixed media), and Poetry Club (poetry and spoken word).   RYV has been an on-going program at Alhambra since 2012.


What is the purpose of Raise Your Voice?

Our goal is to connect youth with artistic opportunities, helping them discover their talents and express their voice.  We believe each story is valuable and many of the students we invite to create with us        do not have other outlets, opportunities, or safe space to express theirs.  We also believe that our community doesn’t have enough representation from today’s youth because they aren’t invited.

We also want to connect youth with the greater arts community in Phoenix through Field Trips, Guest Artists, and Student Art Showings.


Why Alhambra High School?

In May 2012, an alumni student of Alhambra High School, Sean Malakowsky, talked to us about the need for students (like him) to have safe space to find their voice. We asked some artists to join us in offering that space in 2012. We started off-site, but were quickly invited on campus by the Principal and sponsor teachers, Gayle Deaver and Selina Alonzo-Helton.

Each year, we have built on this relational foundation, offering more students access to the arts and intentional creative opportunities to express their story to their community.