Please thank the Shot of Java cafe and Coffee shop for generously hosting monthly BV art parties.

What is Beautiful Voices?

Beautiful Voices is an art program that connects trained artists to girls at StreetlightUSA to offer weekly art workshops for the purpose of play, expression, and discovering what art resources they connect with! We currently offer 4 weekly art workshops: Fashion Sewing, Paint Party, Ceramics, and Voice book Art Journaling.

Beautiful Voices began in 2013 with two weekly art workshop, serving over 100 participants.

What is the purpose of Beautiful Voices?

The goal of BV is to encourage, inspire, and empower girls who have experienced sexual trauma to rediscover the power, value, and purpose of their voice through the arts!


Why StreetlightUSA? (the History of BV)

In 2012, we connected with StreetlightUSA through Noel. At the time Noel was leading art workshops for survivors of sex trafficking in Mexico City and Phoenix through Revive and Mending The Soul since 2010.

The director of Streetlight, Lea, and Noel met at an event to bring awareness to the issue. Through the director of the mentor program, we began a partnership to provide arts opportunities!


Check out the Beautiful Voices video from Volviendo on Vimeo.


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